CASA General


A Huge Victory for NYC!

Today the Mayor and the Speaker announced that they are committed to passing legislation mandating universal access to legal representation for low-income tenants in housing court!!  This will mean that tenants no longer have to fear unjust evictions. This will mean that tenants no longer have to fear eviction as retaliation for organizing in their buildings or holding their landlords accountable. This will mean that we have more tools to fight gentrification. This is a victory for all of New York.

Today’s landmark agreement sends a strong message to NYC tenants that their lives, homes and communities matter, that the City won’t stand by as they are forced to navigate the courts without representation and that they will be protected.  Today is a huge step forward towards creating a more equitable and just city.

Today is also a testament to the power, strength and beauty of organizing.  ¡Si se puede, si se pudo y si se podrá!

Thank you to everyone who is a part of and who has supported the #RTCNYC Coalition! Thank you to our bill sponsors Councilmembers Levine and Gibson for pushing this through.

We look forward to working to get this bill signed into law!

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