About Us

About CASA:

Community Action for Safe Apartments (CASA) is a membership driven tenant organizing project of New Settlement Apartments’ that works primarily in the Southwest Bronx. Our mission is to protect and maintain affordable and safe housing through collective action. To do this, we:


 About New Settlement Apartments:

We are a not-for-profit, mixed-income housing and community-service organization based in the Mt. Eden community of the Southwest Bronx, with a 27-year track record of active commitment to neighborhood revitalization, community building, and positive youth development. An integral part of New Settlement’s progressive housing philosophy is that “housing is not just bricks and mortar.” That’s where community organizing fits in! Our mission is not only to rebuild and maintain a sizable portion of the housing stock in our neighborhood, but also to support the rebuilding of the neighborhood’s social capital. Year-round community services and education programs are structured in direct response to the interests of neighborhood residents, who are primarily low-income Blacks and Latinos, including many new immigrants. New Settlement Apartments’ Housing and Educational Programs, staffed by paid professionals and dedicated volunteers, currently serve over 15,000 youth and adults each year.


New Settlement buildings that have been rehabilitated and rebuilt.